An outdoor lift suitable for any context: Pangea EW Flex

The design and construction versatility of our systems allows us to offer external electric lifts capable of adapting to any type of context.

The installation of an outdoor lift is an intelligent and effective solution to facilitate mobility for those with certain walking problems.

This lift of the EW Flex line, installed in the province of Trento, it was conceived with the aim of guaranteeing excellent adaptability to this particular housing solution.

The first aspect that catches the eye of this system undoubtedly concerns the aesthetic component, which allows our lift to fit into harmonious way in the Tyrolean style of the home, representing a perfect combination of technology and architecture.

The elevators Pangea can be customised with extreme ease, both in their external structure and in the relevant cabins.

Each of our products is the result of careful and methodical workcarried out by expert technicians, capable of creating extraordinary results.

In this case, the lifting platform was created with the aim of making the most of every usable space.

This purpose is pursued with the help of an external walkway, located on the second floor and capable of providing direct communication the elevator exit and the floor balcony.